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For years now the Sexual Abuse Network of Canada have been protecting the children in  communities right across Canada by warning them when high risk sex offenders are being released so we can take steps to keep them safe  . For years we have been using social media groups to be able to reach local communities when we are told about an offenders release or when a historical case is being investigated where there are many victims of an offender to be able to connect the victims to  the services they need .
Back in 2013 we created our own Daily News Groups that is a network of city and provincial news groups to be able to reach more communities and be able to protect more children and have grown that network in the hundreds of thousand users between our 2 networks and we are working to expand our reach again by connecting with networks already established that will allow us to post our news as well as any child sexual abuse case we are working on and this move will connect us to so many more communities .
This year so far judges have ruled that forcing CONVICTED sex offenders to be put on the national sex offender registry is against the OFFENDERS rights and the second sickening ruling from our Canadian Judge is that the minimum sentencing in child sexual abuse cases were unjust and were overruled so now these offenders will spend even less time in jail for committing the worst crime imaginable .
We will be fighting for these laws to be reversed and will be rallying every member of parliament and speaking to the media till there is action in these 2 cases and force this system to make VICTIMS come first because they NEVER choose to be abused .
We ask for your help in this cause, from working online in our news groups to calling the elected officials to get things on the move and if you don’t have the time to volunteer than please join a local news group and follow our Daily News Group page and the Sexual Abuse Network of Canada Facebook pages so they can see the number of people are following these cases that put OUR children in danger .

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Healing hearts: Families and victims reflect on one year since Fredericton shooting

People across the country are remembering the loss of four people after a horrific shooting that took place one year ago on Saturday.

CTV Atlantic
Published Saturday, August 10, 2019 12:42PM ADT 
Last Updated Saturday, August 10, 2019 5:09PM ADT

People across the country are remembering the loss of four people after a horrific shooting that took place one year ago on Saturday.

It was just after 7 a.m. when gunshots woke David MacCoubrey up the morning of August 10, 2018. He spent much of that morning crouching on his apartment floor. CTV Atlantic spoke to him later that day.

“I didn’t know if it was like, firecrackers, or a car going off or something. It was three shots initially, and it woke me up about 7:07 a.m. It started again about five minutes later, and then I was like, okay, this isn’t kids playing, this is actually something serious,” said MacCoubrey.

In the days that followed, after police finished their work at 237 Brookside Drive in Fredericton, MacCoubrey was allowed to return to his apartment. That’s when he realized, he was much closer to the situation than he thought.

“There was a bullet hole above the window and that really bothered me. It’s one thing to think, maybe he shot at you, but to see the bullet hole, to see he just missed me by a couple feet, it really bothered me,” said MacCoubrey. “It makes you think about your life and how fragile life is.”

MacCoubrey still lives in the building today, but he says, many tenants have left.

He did seek professional help to deal with the trauma of August 10, but says it’s the kindness of Frederictonians that helped him most.

“The amount of hugs and encouraging words that I got, it chokes me up. It’s choking me up now. I’ve never had to rely on that but it did mean lot to me,” explained MacCoubrey.

Four people lost their lives outside of a northside Fredericton apartment complex in the early morning hours of August 10, 2018.

Donnie Robichaud, 42, was a talented musician, father of three, auto body worker and all around ‘nice guy’.

Bobbie Lee Wright, 32, loved to “assist others,” as a compassionate home support worker.

Const. Robb Costello, 45, was a beloved father and partner, and an officer through and through for over 20 years.

Const. Sara Burns, 43, mother of three, dreamt of being a police officer and went back to school in her 30’s to pursue it.

Robb Costello was Jackie McLean’s partner and soul mate.

“From one moment until the next, it feels like it was just minutes ago that I learned the news, and then it feels like it’s been a decade since he was here,” said McLean, in an interview leading up to the one year anniversary.

The walls in Jackie’s living room are painted a different colour, but the memories of Robb hang so clear. There are pictures of the two of them together, of Costello in uniform, and one of him dancing with his mother.

In the corner, a collection of badges and challenge coins that officers from all over the world have sent her.

And on a shelf, a figurine of Mickey Mouse shaking the hand of a police officer.

“I remember how Robb told me that if I cried after he was gone, that he would haunt me,” explained Mclean. “So the joke is that I cry a little bit every day so he still comes home.”

Jackie hasn’t returned to work yet. The trauma has had its affect, but she isn’t afraid to talk about it.

“My organization skills and time management have completely gone out the window. Things that I used to find easy to do, now take a lot more time. I walk into a room and don’t know why I’m there. I lost almost two-thirds of my hair. It fell out,’ said McLean.

Open and honest, she says she has many days where she relives August 10, 2018 in her mind, over and over again.

“That’s difficult because there’s a lot of it that I don’t remember because I was in such shock. And so I replay this movie of this day with the pieces that I can remember and once it starts I can’t stop. I have to see it through until the end,” said McLean.

Jackie said Robb warned her about the challenges of being with a police officer. She says he was strong and protective, but so warm and loving. She still maintains a close relationship with his mother, who she says, deserves all the credit for raising the man of her dreams.

She says Robb was Irish and loved to laugh, so in his memory people are invited to join in a pub crawl on Saturday night.

All funds raised will go to the Robb Costello Memorial Fund.

Tammy White believes her brother, Donnie Robichaud, now watches over her.

“Every time I see a motorcycle now, or if I hear a band and a bass playing…it brings memories back,” said Tammy.

Donnie Robichaud was well-known on the Fredericton music scene, but to Tammy, he was a family man, who cared deeply for his three kids and rarely went a day without talking to his mom.

She says she misses his laugh the most, and how he would ‘torment’ friends and family. A stranger sent her two paintings of Donnie. She has them displayed in her living room, alongside other memories.

Tammy says her faith has been a huge part of trying to heal. She’ll be taking part in the Hands and Hearts Across the City event planned for Saturday evening – a gathering she says has been a source of strength too.

“I pray for the city, that they will have healing,” said Tammy. “That they can still connect with one another even after this is all done, because it’s going to be a while still, with the trial coming up in September. It’s going to be hard.”

Fredericton Mayor Mike O’Brien was on one of the last days of vacation August 10, 2018. He said it was former Fredericton Police Chief Leanne Fitch who told him what happened.

“It was one of the darkest days in Fredericton’s history. You’re never prepared for this as a citizen, as a police officer, as a Mayor. People look to you for some leadership and guidance and you always try to find the right words. It was difficult,” said O’Brien.

He recalls driving back into the city, and being asked to speak at a news conference that afternoon.

“I had nothing prepared. But I remember saying that all of this was one of the darkest days in our history, but that the next few days you’ll see the best of Fredericton,” explained O’Brien.

In an interview with CTV Atlantic from his city hall office, O’Brien said that’s exactly what happened. People came together – leaving hundreds of flowers, notes and pictures outside the Fredericton Police Station. Thousands held hands across Fredericton’s walking bridge, linking the south and north sides of the city.

“A typical Canadian community…the outpouring of support for our police and our first responders, the outpouring of grief, the way the community came together and looked after each other. Neighbourhoods were getting together and meeting on the street and talking and helping each other,” said O’Brien.

He said on the one year anniversary, he’ll be thinking most about the city’s police force. The force will be marking the day privately. A few officers are still off the job.

“We have full complement because we gave the Force the money to hire some additional police above their normal compliment while other officers were still healing. Most of the workers are back, a lot are. They all deal with it in their own way,” said O’Brien.

Chief Fitch retired in June and former RCMP assistant commissioner Roger Brown has become the Force’s new chief.

“People understand the significance of this. We hope this never happens again of any magnitude. But we’re not immune from…whatever the issue was that caused this to happen…but how you deal with it and how you show resilience is the important part,” said Chief Brown.

“We’ll never forget the fallen.”

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Laura Brown

Source: Healing hearts: Families and victims reflect on one year since Fredericton shooting

London police continue probe into man’s arrow death

A man has died after being shot with an arrow, but London police haven’t yet ruled the death a homicide.

A man has died after being shot with an arrow, but London police haven’t yet ruled the death a homicide.

Police were called to 67 Arbour Glen Cres., north of Kipps Lane, at 12:50 a.m. Tuesday for a report of a man shot with an arrow.

The man, whose name hasn’t been released, was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. He underwent surgery before he died, police said.

Investigators haven’t classified the death as a homicide, Const. Sandasha Bough said, noting the probe is still in its early stages.

“Anyone with information is asked to contact police,” Bough said.

Police hadn’t made any arrests in the case by Tuesday afternoon.

Yellow police tape surrounded a two-storey Arbour Glen townhouse that neighbours say is the scene of frequent come-and-go foot traffic.

Garbage and other debris was piled outside the home’s front entrance. A note posted on the door said: “Knock . . . then wait . . . knock again. No answer . . . then split. Do not walk in my house.”

City tax records list Russell and Tracy-Lynn Morris as the owners of the home. Neighbours say the townhouse is rented out.

Investigators fanned across the area of Kipps Lane and Arbour Glen Crescent Tuesday, canvasing nearby townhouses, apartment complexes and businesses.

Multiple area residents said police asked them whether they’d observed a cab in the area overnight.

“They asked me if I’d seen a taxi cab,” said one resident of the complex where the injured man was found.

A clerk at a Kipps Lane variety store, located just around the corner from centre of the police investigation, said an officer came into the store Tuesday morning and reviewed the surveillance footage.

The officer didn’t say whether she saw anything of interest, he added.

It’s unclear whether the deceased man was shot with an arrow or a bolt from a crossbow.

“That would be an investigative detail that we’re unable to provide at this time,” Bough said when asked about the projectile that struck the man.

An autopsy was scheduled for Tuesday afternoon.

London has already recorded one homicide in 2019. Nicholas Anthony Baltzis, 25, of London, who was fatally stabbed on Jan. 6 in the Notre Dame Drive townhouse he shared with his mother. Karl Hallman, 28, of London is charged with second-degree murder.

Story shared from The London Free Press

London police continue probe into man's arrow death

Plate pirates target ham radio operators in Corner Brook

Thieves steal specialized licence plates right off their vehicles

Someone stole the specialized ham radio licence plate right off amateur radio operator Kody Gardner’s vehicle Saturday. (Cherie Wheeler/CBC)

There’s a different kind of pirate radio situation unfolding in Corner Brook.

Someone is stealing the licence plates of amateur radio operators there, right off their vehicles.

“It’s sort of uneasy because it’s something we enjoy doing,” said Kody Gardner, who lost his plate over the weekend.

In Newfoundland and Labrador, amateur radio operators can get licence plates starting with “VO1,” followed by a call sign.

In Gardner’s case, it’s his initials: “KJG.”

 I don’t think anyone has something against us ham radio operators or something.

– Kody Gardner

The plates identify the owner as being an amateur operator, and sometimes that they have communications equipment inside the vehicle.

But the ease of identifying those unique plates could also make them targets.

“There’s a lot of plate collectors in Newfoundland and Labrador, and these plates are fairly rare. You don’t come across them very often,” said Gardner.

“So maybe to someone it might be worth a bit of money if they sell it online or something. So that’s the only thing I can think of. I don’t think anyone has something against us ham radio operators or something.”

There are a number of Newfoundland and Labrador licence plates for sale on the online auction site eBay, where at least one amateur radio plate is listed.

In Gardner’s case, he noticed the plate missing on Saturday night, after studying at Grenfell campus.

But he says he wasn’t the only one targeted.

“Soon after another ham radio guy, Gerry, gave me a call and said, well, his plate was taken right out of his driveway that same night,” he said.

Industry Canada’s website has a list of amateur radio operators, complete with information on their skill levels, what they’re trained to do and their home addresses.

Gardener thinks that could make him and his colleagues targets, and says it might be a good idea for amateur operators to take off their specialized plates for the next little while “because who knows who’s next?”

“We’re there in case of any sort of emergencies or something,” he said.

“So for some like me it’s definitely a hobby, but some other people take it pretty seriously, and they’ve been doing it for decades, so to have something like that stolen off your vehicle, something so personal like that, is definitely concerning.”

Read more from CBC Newfoundland and Labrador

Shared from CBC Nfld. & Labrador

Surrey SkyTrain shooting: Suspect arrested in ‘scary’ pre-dawn raid

Surrey RCMP said Sunday that shooting suspect Daon Glasgow is in custody.

Jenny had an early shift Sunday morning and had set her alarm for 5:13 a.m.

But she was jolted out of bed at her family’s Burnaby home, first by people’s loud voices outside the house on the front street that faces her bedroom, then by banging on the front door and popping noises she said sounded like gunshots.

Still groggy and unable to make sense of what she was hearing, she looked out the window.

“I saw a man with a big gun running by. It was so scary. He was hiding behind that tree,” she said, indicating the yard across from her house.

She said the surreal scene of armed police and an armoured vehicle metres from her front door felt “like something you only see in a movie. I was shocked.”

Jenny, who said she was too fearful to use her real name, lives directly behind the fourplex on Boundary Road and Rumble Avenue that a large force of police raided before dawn on Sunday to arrest a suspect in the Jan. 30 shooting of a Transit Police officer at the Scott Road SkyTrain station.

Police had been searching for Daon Glasgow, 35, since identifying the man as a suspect on Thursday.

Police evacuated the residents in the other suites of the large, modern two-storey grey stucco house in the 7500 block of Boundary Road before moving in to arrest Glasgow.

Police used a variety of officers — including Surrey and Burnaby Mounties, an RCMP emergency response teams, canine unit and a helicopter — for the 5:30 a.m. arrest.


Daon Gordon Glasgow, the man arrested in connection with Wednesday’s shooting of a Metro Vancouver Transit Police officer at the Scott Road SkyTrain Station in Surrey. RCMP Handout

No one was injured.

Glasgow, who was on parole after serving time for manslaughter, was being held on an earlier Canada-wide warrant for breach of parole conditions.

RCMP Assistant Commissioner Dwayne McDonald said no charges had been approved in connection with the Scott Road SkyTrain station shooting that left Const. Josh Harms, 27, with gunshot wounds to both arms. He said police are in discussion with the B.C. Prosecution Service, which must approve any charges.

It was still dark, but from her home’s front window, Jenny took a picture of the large armoured vehicle used in the operation and played a reporter a video in which you could see red-and-blue flashing lights and hear popping noises.

“Was that gunshots? I don’t know,” she said. “I thought it was shooting.”

Part of the back fence of the raided house was reduced to a pile of boards and a front ground-floor picture window had several large holes punched through it. Most of the glass in a smaller window on the side of the house had been broken, leaving a jagged gaping hole.

Pictured is the Burnaby home where Daon Glasgow was arrested early Sunday. Glasgow is the man sought in the investigation into the shooting of a Transit Police officer Wednesday.

“It was around 5:10 and I heard people talking loudly outside,” said Jenny as she stood at the front door of her house hours after the raid. “Then someone was banging loudly on the door and they didn’t say anything.”

Her father got up to answer and she warned him away.

“I saw the police outside but I didn’t know who was banging on the door,” she said. “I was freaked out.”

She said she and her brother both heard someone yell out: “You’re under arrest!”

To get to work on time, Jenny would have to leave at 6:00, so she called 911 and was told it was safe to go outside. But when she opened the door, an officer yelled at her to go back inside.

Soon after, they knocked on the door and told her she could leave her house.

”This is a quiet area,” she said. “Something like this has never happened here before. I don’t feel safe.”

McDonald said Glasgow’s arrest was considered “high-risk.”

“We had to consider that this was not a targeted event, that the suspect was armed with a firearm and at large in public and there was a heightened risk for violence,” he said.

Police detained three other people in the fourplex during the arrest, but they were later released.

Police continued through the day to investigate the site, with officers taking photographs.

McDonald would not comment on how officers tracked Glasgow to the home but said police relied on “covert” investigative techniques.



This story was shared from the Edmonton Sun and there are more photos and related links in the full story with the link below

3 people dead after train derailment near the B.C.-Alberta border


The Canadian Press
Published Monday, February 4, 2019 8:45AM PST

FIELD, B.C. – Three crew members of a Canadian Pacific freight train have died in a derailment near the Alberta-British Columbia boundary.

A spokesman with the railway confirms the crew members died when the westbound freight jumped the tracks at about 1 a.m. MT near Field, B.C.

Salem Woodrow says there will be a full investigation to determine what caused the derailment.

British Columbia’s Environment Ministry confirms between 30 and 40 grain cars are off the tracks.

David Karn also says the ministry has been told the locomotive is in the Kicking Horse River.

He says the situation is being monitored and there is no immediate word of fuel or other contaminants entering the water.


Shared from BC CTV News

Man found dead near Commonwealth Stadium

Alex Antoneshyn, CTV Edmonton
Published Sunday, February 3, 2019 4:28PM MST
Last Updated Sunday, February 3, 2019 5:58PM MST

Police believe weather may have been a factor in the death of a man who was found near the Commonwealth Stadium.

Edmonton Police Service was called to the green space west of the stadium around 9:30 a.m. on Sunday, after a body was found by a citizen.

The deceased’s age and name is not yet known.

Police said his death is not being considered suspicious, and that they believe it was weather-related.

Shared from CTV News Edmonton

Cold weather forces school bus cancellations around Edmonton

Laine Mitchell, CTV Edmonton
Published Sunday, February 3, 2019 9:26PM MST

The cold engulfing much of Alberta has forced a number of school divisions around the Edmonton region to cancel bus services for Monday.

Parkland School Division busses won’t be running Monday, along with bus services for Wild Rose School Division, Elk Island Public Schools and Elk Island Public Catholic School divisions.

Although busses for the school divisions won’t be in service, all schools will remain open.

Shared from CTV News Edmonton

Footage shows Mississauga store owner fighting off robber with bananas

Joshua Freeman,
Published Sunday, February 3, 2019 11:05PM EST

The owner of a convenience store is speaking out about an unusual incident that saw her fight off a would-be-robber with a bunch of bananas.

Seungae Kim and her husband were minding their convenience store at Hurontario and John streets Saturday night when the incident occurred.

“Around nine o’clock, my husband was sitting down in the corner watching TV. I was sitting down in this corner having a banana,” Kim told CTV News Toronto.

“Somebody came in, all covered up, his face. And he wanted me to open the cash register,” Kim said.

Surveillance video of the incident obtained by CTV News Toronto shows the moment that the couple confronted the masked individual.

“Then he jumped up to the counter. My husband pushed him down. Then I was scared my husband was going to be hurt, so I got the bananas and started to hit him so hard and he ran away.”

Surveillance footage shows Kim dealing several strong blows with the yellow fruit.

“It was a whole big bunch like this – I hit him so much he ran away,” she said.

Her husband then followed the fleeing suspect and chased him out of the store before the couple called police.

While neither Kim nor her husband were injured, Peel police said they don’t advise entering into physical confrontations with potential robbers.

Peel police are still looking for the suspect.

Story shared from CP24