Connecting communities to protect our children .

For years now the Sexual Abuse Network of Canada have been protecting the children in  communities right across Canada by warning them when high risk sex offenders are being released so we can take steps to keep them safe  . For years we have been using social media groups to be able to reach local communities when we are told about an offenders release or when a historical case is being investigated where there are many victims of an offender to be able to connect the victims to  the services they need .
Back in 2013 we created our own Daily News Groups that is a network of city and provincial news groups to be able to reach more communities and be able to protect more children and have grown that network in the hundreds of thousand users between our 2 networks and we are working to expand our reach again by connecting with networks already established that will allow us to post our news as well as any child sexual abuse case we are working on and this move will connect us to so many more communities .
This year so far judges have ruled that forcing CONVICTED sex offenders to be put on the national sex offender registry is against the OFFENDERS rights and the second sickening ruling from our Canadian Judge is that the minimum sentencing in child sexual abuse cases were unjust and were overruled so now these offenders will spend even less time in jail for committing the worst crime imaginable .
We will be fighting for these laws to be reversed and will be rallying every member of parliament and speaking to the media till there is action in these 2 cases and force this system to make VICTIMS come first because they NEVER choose to be abused .
We ask for your help in this cause, from working online in our news groups to calling the elected officials to get things on the move and if you don’t have the time to volunteer than please join a local news group and follow our Daily News Group page and the Sexual Abuse Network of Canada Facebook pages so they can see the number of people are following these cases that put OUR children in danger .

For a list of our localized Facebook news groups as well as our affiliate news groups please click here .

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