Fallout from Charlottesville protests comes home to Quebec

Several Quebecers have been identified among the white supremacist protesters at Charlottesville last weekend, including a prominent member of the far-right group La Meute.

Footage from a VICE News documentary of the demonstration, which saw one woman killed and several injured when one of the protesters drove a car into a group of counter-protesters, was posted on the anti-Pegida Quebec Facebook page with the caption “Nazi wanted: do you recognize a neighbour, an employee or a co-worker in these photos?”

The caption suggests there is a strong possibility the protesters are from Quebec.

The two already identified are Shawn Beauvais-MacDonald, reportedly in charge of recruitment for the English-language Facebook page of La Meute, and Vincent Belanger Mercure, who was photographed in close proximity to to James Fields, the man behind the wheel of the car who is now charged with murder.


As the fallout from the Charlottesville protests hits home to Quebec, La Meute has tried to distance itself from the violence, repeating that it is neither white-supremacist or racist. In response to questions from a La Presse reporter, a spokesman for the group, which now claims to have over 43,000 members, said it will investigate what Beauvais-MacDonald was doing in Virginia.

Beauvais-MacDonald, for his part, took to Facebook to respond to the anti-Pegida post.

“These people are idiots who drive forward the globalist media narrative set to silence anyone who is right of center,” he posted in English. “If you really believe that your friendly neighbourhood fascist is a Nazi, then I suggest you climb in an oven and let your last thoughts be of me. But do unfriend me first.”

La Meute is planning a demonstration in Quebec City at an undisclosed location Sunday.

At the same time, another group under the banner of “l’Action Citoyenne contre la Discrimination” is planning a counter-protest in Quebec City, and is organizing transport from Montreal. By noon Thursday, 270 people said they would attend with another 1,000 expressing interest.

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