Relaunch of the main website for Daily News Groups .


With all the cases we are working on with the Sexual Abuse Network of Canada  we have been unable to find a volunteer to take over the wordpress websites that we run for the newsgroups as well as SANC and the Convicted Child Molester Database . We have some great volunteers with the DNG and SANC and post news and sexual abuse cases all day long in our 55 newsgroups on Facebook and many private abuse support groups and we have been able to help thousands over the past 7 years but the websites also offer services that we can not use on the Facebook platform.


So starting in the morning we will be going back to posting the news and abuse cases on our main websites then share it to the social media pages and groups and hopefully someone steps up and wants to help out with them . Please bookmark our main pages to keep up to date on cases we are working on .


If you have website experience or are a quick learner and would like to help out please goto our main page and hit the need help tab on the left hand side of the page .

There is always more that we can do with more people and more resources, so of you have time or cash to donate please message or E-Transfer donations to the same email addy . Thank you all for your support .

Here are a list of our pages, groups and websites you can access.

Sexual Abuse Network of Canada on Facebook

Sexual Abuse Network of Canada main website

Daily News Groups on Facebook

Daily News Group’s Main website

Convicted Child Molester Database on Facebook

Convicted Child Molester Database Main website

All victim support groups are not listed publicly for the victims protection, please message us in you need help by hitting the need help tab on the left hand side of anyone of our main websites.